Grande Gill

Grande Gill

The originial and first item Hill Country Swimbaits created. This 3-piece gill is available in slow sink or floater options. Slow Sink Rate of Fall is 6 inches every second. Floater sits in the water about 90% of bait subsurface with just the back sticking out, creating a lot of water vibration and movement.


: Floater 4.75 oz, Slow Sink 5 oz

: 7.5" long, 3" tall

: Colors: orange, blue, green, crimson, green, aqua, red, turqoiuse
: Hand poured durable/flexible rubber tail
: 3D mouth and gill

: Hooks- Owner ST-36 size 1 (Recommend ST56)

: Split Rings- Owner Hyperwire size 6

: Slow Sink- 6" every second