Tremor Shad

Tremor Shad

Delivering an impeccable baitfish imitation, the Jenko Fishing Tremor Shad is made to dart and dive through the water like a scared or injured baitfish and trigger aggressive feeding responses from bass and other gamefish. Featuring a pintail design with a split belly that allows for perfectly weedless rigging, this design also gives the Tremor Shad its ability to produce an erratic action through sparse vegetation. The Tremor Shad also works seamlessly with the Tennessee River Tremor Jig Head to deliver a side-to-side rolling action that works great over flooded cover and offshore structure. 

Built from very tough yet pliable plastic that is made to withstand multiple strikes, this allows anglers to keep an aggressive school of fish fire up and capitalize on a small bite window. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the Jenko Fishing Tremor Shad offers options for all anglers who want to catch higher quality fish.


3.5", 4", and 5" comes 5 baits per pack

7" comes 3 baits per pack.